Should You Try LCD Television Repair?

Should You Try LCD Television Repair?

There used to be an era when owning a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) TV used to be a delicacy. It could be seen only in the richest houses of the society. But as the time proceeded, technology saw an up rise. From CRT, there came Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) TV sets, and then the era of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) TV sets. It was said that CRT monitors could be repaired by a person himself without having any special technical experience. The person could easily open up the TV set and fix the minor problems like removing dust or degaussing. But when it came to the slim LCD TV sets, repairing it on your own became a headache. People had to spend quite a few bucks to get their TV sets checked, and were disappointed when the only problem they faced used to be of some dirt preventing the clear view.

But people didn’t stop there. They gave in their best to learn the technicalities of a LCD TV and devised some simple techniques to cope up with the basic level problems that were the most common reason of hazy TV display. The internet is full of such DIY techniques and methodologies which can help you in saving a lot of money. But before repairing your TV, ask yourself the following questions. If you are satisfied by your answers, only then go for laying your hands on your LCD TV.

  • What am I doing?

Ask yourself that what you are going to do. If you have a screwdriver in your hand, which screw would go in which place must be remembered and noted down to prevent a loss of any screw. Respond to the question. If you answer yourself in a careless manner, it would mean that you are not doing the right thing and it would be better to consult a specialist in this case. But if you are confident enough that you are doing the right thing and can fix the problem, you can choose to split the TV set apart by opening it and finding the problem.

  • What are they doing?

If you are performing the actions as is performed in some DIY training video, you need to ask yourself that what the person teaching in that video is doing! Are they really confident enough about the well-being of the television or are they just shooting arrows in thin air. If they are simply experimenting on their TV sets, it would be better to watch the video till the end before you start laying hands on your personal TV set. The ending of the video would explain whether he was able to rectify the problem and able to fix the TV set by bringing it back to the factory set position or not? Even if the teacher in the video doesn’t seem to be an expert, you must better choose some other video or call your TV expert.

  • Can they find and eliminate the problem?

If the person in the video is not able to find the problem after disassembling his TV set, he won’t be of any use. Even if in some DIY video, the tutor is able to find the root cause of the problem, ask yourself if he is able to fix that problem? There might be a case that the person is still stuck with that problem in the TV. In such a scenario, there won’t be any use of you opening your TV set as you might also end up in the same situation as the person in the video is struck with.

  • Can you afford it?

It is one of the very important questions that you need to ask yourself before trying to fix your LCD TV set. There have been many cases when the person was trying to fix the issue of his LCD TV but ended up in breaking the screen of it! Thus it can be said that sometimes, repairing the TV by some DIY kit can cost you much more than getting it repaired from some TV expert. If you try Doing It Yourself in order to save a buck, you may end up paying debts for a new TV. This all can be a case of a small mishap or a small mishandling condition.

Thus it can be said that if you like learning new techniques ad methods, and like experimenting, you can choose the DIY option. But if you are not much of a risk taking person, you must call your nearest and most trusted TV expert and allow him to fix the problem. There might be cases that would lead you to paying much more if you are trying to fix it yourself. So be sure of all the conditions and try fixing the LCD yourself only if you are 100% sure about it. Even a small insecurity may lead to a loss of thousands of bucks.

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