Four Common TV Repair Concerns

Four Common TV Repair Concerns

The world is full of brands. For a single product that you require, there would be thousands of brands offering that particular object. This leads to an increase in competition among the brands, which cause these companies in manufacturing quality products at a nominal price, so that they can attract maximum number of customers! This competition gets even tougher when it comes to televisions. Often abbreviated as TV, brands like Samsung, Panasonic, Onida, Toshiba etc. lead the present markets. The variation in the market trends lead to incrementing the product quality and style.

No matter how much guarantee you get, you will have to undergo the procedure of getting your TV repaired after a particular span of time. Despite selling at least possible price, TV manufacturers still have to earn some profit, which they earn from repairing. It is a common marketing practice followed by many companies that is to install a not so good quality part inside the TV, which might get refurbishing after a particular time. They do this so that people can get their TV’s repaired, and they could get another platform to earn profits.

One can surely consult a professional for repairing his TV in case of any problem, but a better option is to make sure that the TV is free from the most common TV concerns, which can be repaired at home!

  • Dust is an arch enemy of all the microcontrollers. It is commonly observed that dust gets stuck up on the surface of these microcontrollers inside the TV. This usually happens because TV’s are not opened much, and the vents that act as exhaust of heat cause the dust to enter into the system. This dust sticks to the controller surface and can cause disruption in the clear view of TV. This can be prevented by using your vacuum cleaner, setting it at least power and using it to remove the dust.
  • Snowy and Hazy Television pictures are one of the most annoying problems that can be observed in a television. The most common reason of this problem getting stuck to your TV sets is the magnetisation of the screen. This is an outcome of a magnet coming in contact with the TV screen. There are two ways to de-magnetise your TV set and bring it to its initial setting.
    • Many TV sets that are manufactured nowadays have a pre-installed option of “degaussing”. This is one of the most helpful properties of a TV set which enables the demagnetisation of TV sets. All you have to do is run this feature, after which, you TV screen will blink for a split second and look like it is vibrating. This would be a sign that all the magnetised colours are getting removed. After a few seconds, the screen would be normal as it was when you bought your TV set.
    • If your TV doesn’t support the “degaussing” feature, you can buy a de-magnetising coil available in the market. You can get it from your TV supplier or any store. Using this de-magnetising coil is also very simple. All you have to do is start from the top corner of the TV and run the coil in circles till you reach the bottom end. This would remove all the snowy and haziness being caused in your TV set.
  • If you are getting a fuzzy picture, and you still are using those old antennas, there is a high probability that you might be suffering from a problem of the signals getting blocked. In this case, all you have to do is climb up to your terrace where the antennae is installed and check if it is getting any sort of disruption. Also check the wires and cables and fix any breakage from the wire. The picture of your TV would get resolved.
  • Cable TV’s are the most prevailing TV’s in the market. If you also use a cable TV and find a disruption or disturbance in the screen, it might not be a problem of the hardware. There might be some fiddling with the cable socket like the cable plug getting removed from the port again and again causing an incomplete circuit. Other such problems may include breakage of cable wire, which can also cause disruption. In this scenario, you need not call your TV contractor for fixing the problem. It would be better to call your cable operator who would provide a rectification of the problem.

If we keep in mind, the above mentioned steps, we might save a lot of money that we were prone to spend on some TV mechanic. This might have led to you going through all that trouble and the problem could be solved just by adjusting the simple settings. So it is always advised to check your TV yourself before taking it to an expert or calling an expert, especially if TV technicians are as expensive as in cities like Oshawa and Scarborough.