7 Maintenance Tips And Tricks For LCD TVs

7 Maintenance Tips And Tricks For LCD TVs


LCD TVs are designed to last for many years, but homeowners who take into consideration a couple of tips and tricks can greatly increase the lifespan of their beloved television sets. Basically, a couple of maintenance tips and tricks will make sure that the LCD TV is in a great condition for a long period of time. As a result, less money is spent on repairs or parts replacement, not to mention that the LCD TV will also display brighter colors and better images all the times. Here is what you need to do in order to care for your LCD TV:

Turn off the TV if you are not watching it

A lot of homeowners use the TV as a background noise while they focus on something else. Well, this might help killing boredom and provide entertainment, but if the homeowners don’t really watch the TV, they’d better turn it off. The standard lifespan of a LCD TV is about 65,000 hours and by keeping it on almost all the times, those hours will be greatly reduced quickly. For example, keeping the TV on without watching it for about 3 hours a day equals around 1000 hours each year. This might not sound that much, but a lot of homeowners keep their TVs on for more than 3 hours every day and in just a few years, their LCD TVs will get deteriorated. It is best to turn the TV off when leaving the room and just as a bonus, the energy bill will be drastically reduced as well.

Reduce the brightness setting

In a similar fashion, a lot of homeowners make the mistake to keep their LCD TVs at their brightest setting all the times. This is not a good idea because if the brightness is very high, the lifespan of the LCD TV will be greatly reduced in the long run. Homeowners should adjust the brightness settings once they bring their LCD TVs home, in order to enjoy them for longer. Additionally, lower brightness settings will not cause eyes strains either.

Reduce the contrast setting

If the contrast is too high, the television set will have to work harder in order to display those colorful images and obviously, it will get damaged in a couple of years, not to mention that the picture quality won’t be that good. To avoid this, homeowners are also advised to reduce the contrast setting to a more comfortable and safe level.

Give the LCD TV a chance to “breathe”

LCD TVs don’t breathe like humans do, but they do need fresh air in order to remain in top condition. In other words, LCD TVs need a decent amount of space, so that their ventilation systems eliminate all the heat produced by their internal components. All electronic devices such as laptops, computers, TV sets, even mobile phones produce heat and they need to be properly cooled in order to prevent internal damage. Therefore, homeowners are advised to avoid blocking the vents of their TV sets with other furniture items or electronics. If the TV set has its ventilation system on the back, it shouldn’t be installed on a wall, but on an entertainment center. This little trick can greatly increase the lifespan of the LCD TVs and give homeowners more peace of mind.

Clean the screen with special cleaning products

The entire TV set should be protected against dust, especially the screen. To do this, homeowners should invest in quality cleaning products which are specially designed to clean the screen of LCD TVs. These products are safe and they will prevent the TV set from getting deteriorated by too much dust and dirt.

Protect your LCD TV against voltage spikes

All electronics are designed to work on a specific voltage and if this voltage spikes, it can greatly damage the electronic devices. Blackouts, lighting storms and power fluctuations can cause dangerous voltage spikes which might affect the LCD TV in a matter of seconds. To prevent such unfortunate events, homeowners are advised to invest in power strips that offer surge protection. These items will regulate the voltage received by various electronic devices such as the TV set and they come at affordable prices. Additionally, power strips which offer surge protection can prevent the homeowner from spending a fortune on repairing his TV set or buying a brand new one.

Keep sharp objects away from the LCD TV screen

The screen of any TV is quite sensitive and it can quickly get damaged if it is hit or scratched with a sharp object. Therefore, any tools or items that feature sharp edges should be kept away from the TV screen. Homeowners should also instruct their kids to avoid playing very close to the LCD TV set because they might damage it by accident.

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