7 Big Myths About Plasma TVs

7 Big Myths About Plasma TVs


Plasma TVs refer to the modern and advanced television sets that produce a crystal clear image and vivid colors at all times. However, with the passing of time, a lot of myths and lies have surrounded these exquisite electronic devices. As a result, a lot of homeowners think twice before buying a plasma TV because they might fear that such television sets might not be that reliable or entertaining. Still, all these myths are completely false and in this article, we are going to debunk 7 of the biggest myths that surround plasma TVs.

Plasma TVs are not energy efficient

This is a false statement and unfortunately, it makes a lot of homeowners avoid plasma TVs because they think that they will pay a fortune on their electricity bill. The truth is that just like any other electronic device, plasma TVs are continuously improved and perfected and the designers of such television sets focus on making them more energy-efficient which each and every new release. Therefore, those homeowners who buy recently-launched plasma TV will not pay too much for their energy bill in the long run.

Plasma TVs are hideously expensive

This is just another false myth related to plasma TVs. A couple of years ago when plasma TVs were relatively new on the market, they were indeed a little bit on the pricey side. However, things have changed since then and nowadays, homeowners can buy different types of plasma TVs at affordable prices. Additionally, such television sets have many more features and they truly are worth every penny.

Plasma TVs can get burned-in images on their screens

Not true. Although back in the days there was a little issue with burned-in images that appeared on the screen of most plasma TVs, this has changed drastically these days. Experts have implemented a lot of new technologies that prevent static images from getting burned into the screen, causing an unpleasing visual effect. For example, an image moves back and forth on the screen which creates a color change in every pixel and as a result, the static images are not burned into the screen. Similarly, recently-launched plasma TVs feature more durable green phosphors that are not susceptible to burn-in effects that easily. In some cases, new plasma TVs are as resistant to burn-in as the old CRT television sets.

Plasma TVs have a short lifespan

This is another big lie related to plasma TVs. Nowadays, such television sets are much more technologically advanced in comparison with the previous years and in some cases, they can actually last as long as LCD TVs. Some models of plasma TV can even last 20 years if the homeowner doesn’t use them 24/7.

Plasma TVs shoot big amounts of UV radiation through their screens

Homeowners who want to invest in plasma TVs in the future should relax as this is just another false myth. Others actually enriched this false statement by saying that it is dangerous to stay closer than 10 feet from a plasma TV as the UV radiation can affect the health in the long run. All these are lies. Although it is true that plasma TVs produce just a tiny amount of UV radiation, it doesn’t measure more than 1 inch from the screen. Just as a comparison, CRT television sets which were very popular in the seventies and which are still in use today shoot UV radiation more than 1 foot from the screen.

Plasma TVs need to be refilled with plasma every couple of years

The plasma inside these television sets is not actually a substance that gets consumed with the passing of the years, so obviously, there is no need to refill it like an ink cartridge. This myth is not only completely false, but also ridiculous and even hilarious at the same time. Homeowners who want to invest in plasma TVs should relax as they don’t need to spend extra money in the future in order to pump more plasma in their TVs. Some say that this myth appeared a couple of years ago and it was launched by those who make plasma TVs, so that they can offer extended warranties and charge more money from their clients, but again, it is not true.

Plasma TVs are difficult to install

Not really. Regardless of the size of the plasma TV, this electronic device can be easily installed if a couple of friends want to lend a helping hand and the homeowner buys a strong TV support. In some cases, those who buy plasma TVs can even conceal the wires on their own using different types of products and tools the market offers.

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